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Good morning reader, my name is Oriol, and I am the person behind this blog. ComputerNewAge is a personal project in full evolution in which I try to contribute with my grain of sand to all those users interested in the world of computing, the Internet and information technology in general, with special emphasis on everything that surrounds Linux and free software in general.

Having said all this, and having made this short and fair introduction, I think it’s time to start talking a bit about ComputerNewAge, how this project was born, what it can bring you, what stage of evolution it is in and what you can expect from it in the near future.

ComputerNewAge was born some time ago, around March or April 2013, long before the moment in which I find myself inspired to write these words, which, if they had done everything as it should, should have been the first to write as soon as the blog began.

The idea that I had from the very beginning has not changed much compared to what I have now, and basically it was the curiosity to open a blog, share my knowledge and what I am learning about a subject that I love, see the reaction of the people , and incidentally force myself to continue learning more and more every day.

Since its beginning, I’ve always tried to print a clearly didactic approach, focusing on producing content in the form of guides, tutorials and informative articles, rather than daily and freshly news. The idea is to offer practical knowledge, that could be easy to read and inspiring at the same time, while remaining fully valuable over time.

Although I started the project with a lot of enthusiasm, I have to admit that throughout all this time I have not always maintained the posting routine I would have expected from the beginning, and the blog went through a long time without updating, or doing it little by little.

More recently, around the beginning of 2022, and seeing that it continued to maintain more or less a decent amount of visits despite no updates in years, I decided to take it up again with more and renewed force, and handful of new ideas that can fit together with a lot of synergy.

Although unfortunately, due to work, studies and other personal issues, I don’t always have the time I would like to be able to publish posts more often, I have many half-prepared posts and with the intention of publishing them once they are finished, reviewing them well and considering that they are worthy to be read.

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